Efficient Scrolling UIStackView in Swift


How to build scrolling stack container and keep an healthy usage of the memory. (This article first appeared on Medium on June 8, 2017) In these days mobile UIs became a complex job; lists (tables or, more often, collections) may contains heterogeneous groups of items, showing in a single scroll interaction a great amount of data. Take for example the IMDB application; the home page contains: an...

Promise Internals: how to build an A+ compliant Promises library


Asynchronous programming in Objective-C was never been a truly exciting experience. We have used delegates for years (I can still remember the first time I’ve seen it, it was around 2001 and I was having fun with Cocoa on my Mac OS X) and not so long ago we have also joined the party of completion handlers. However both of these processes does not scale well and does not provide a solid error...

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