Hej, I’m Daniele Margutti, Software Architect and a passionate UX Designer.

I spend my time doing what I like best: building software for iOS and OS X. I really love clean and simple code. I also like making new user interfaces and working on user experience to create products as easy to use as possible.

My past programming experiences range from C,C# to Java and PHP; I’ve started programming on Mac since first the very first public beta in 2000 and I’m working on iOS SDK since 2007 (me on LinkedIn)

I’m currently working as a lead software architect at CreoLabs, an italian-based startup that makes some tremendously cool stuff for mobile developers, planning to go live in 2014.

As a freelance, I’m enjoy working on my own apps for mobile platforms, primarily iOS, where I spends too much time on design and usability.
I’m an avid Sci-Fi reader and I likes to buy old Macintosh t-shirts from the glorious eighties.

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