How to use SF Mono in Xcode 7


With the last major release of Xcode Apple has introduced a new monospace version of its popular San Francisco font. As often happens, SF Mono has been compared to Roboto, and this example is no different. While both fonts are not equal, of course, they are pretty similar.

Of course, the font hasn’t been publicly released and it’s not part of the macOS fonts collection. However if you look deeply inside Xcode8 package you may find it and add to your system collection with a simple drag inside FontBook app. Continue reading

How an old ’90s project could help Apple to drive the next (re)volution of the App Economy

Troubles in AppStore distribution continues, even after the yesterday’s WWDC 2016 Keynote. Asphyxiating limitations and poor licensing services have forced many indie and big names to leave the walled garden of Apple’s store during the past years.

While this is not a real bleeding yet, it still remain a major unsolved issue in the relationship between Apple and their developer’s community (I still keep a faint hope in one of the AppStore’s WWDC related incoming sessions related incoming session). Continue reading

Effective location monitoring in Swift

SwiftLocation is a simple yet powerful library which allow you to handle location and beacon monitoring easily without worring about CoreLocation settings and without the need to implement boring delegates everywhere you need to get or work with user’s current location.

The main goal of the library is to reduce the amount of code needed to get ready with a common things like location manager with mobile devices. Old Cocoa patterns require you to implement and huge amount of boilerplate code only to get a simple data; luckily with the introduction of Swift lots of things are changing in iOS and Mac development and we are encouraged to use new patterns and paradigms like functional programming (okay that’s old in fact, very old) in order to reduce written code and its improve readability.
Let me show to you some examples! Continue reading